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Snazzcat! (Traditional Klahtian exclamation of excitement) - Free NZ shipping over $250!
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The Pancake Seas & the Wizard Hatted Fish

In the North of Klah you can find many things; six legged horses, trees shaped like birds, and birds shaped like trees - and a clan of fish in wizard hats, gifted to them by a travelling wizard. The fish had done him a good deed after they retrieved his favourite pair of salad servers, which he had accidentally dropped off the side of his boat while enthusiastically making his lunch. “These hats will change the world” he said, then vigorously tucked into his salad with no further explanation.

The fish felt very important. “These hats must contain an immense power” they said, and had to steady themselves on the flank of a passing kraken at the thought. “We must be very careful”.

Somewhere along the way, one of the fish had heard, or possibly misheard, or potentially dreamt, that magic hats are related to icecream cones, and do not work when they are soggy.

“But the hats must also be worn!” they said. “Important things should not be hidden away!”

“If we leap out of the water enough they will not get wet”, a bright young fish named Walter said with conviction, and conviction is catching. And so they constantly leapt from the ocean in a rather beautiful and hypnotic formation – I cannot say for sure whether the hats did or did not get wet as there was never time to stop and check.

Although this may seem of no great importance, there are many theories on the effects. Some say the constant flurry of motion helps the sun rise, others that it makes the world turn. Perhaps, perhaps. What it most certainly does, is create a churning that feeds and plumps the normally meagre waves into great thrashing beasts of salt.

This part of the ocean used to be very calm, and was known as the Pancake Seas. Among the Pancake Seas stood the sharp and deadly Rocks of Cacti, famous for destroying ships and popping children’s balloons.

For years they had remained there, their spiked columns rising out of the flat sea, untouched by the waves, but now the waters churned by the fishes constant leaping crashed and dashed all about them, and very soon they became as smooth as the underside of a whale – in fact lonely and slightly confused whales started arriving and rubbing up against them.

More flurry was created, and now when people need a bit of glass worn down to make a good cheese knife handle, they take them to the Pancake Seas and the Hatted Fish. The Hatted Fish believe the people have come to have their treasures blessed by the magic* of their legendarily dry hats and vow even more vehemently to keep them so.

*No one has ever verified if the hats are actually magic. They have certainly changed the world though – Klah now has an abundance of glass handled cheese knives.