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First Mokkimfrazzler Installed at Calembourish Park, Hope for Those Affected by Mokkims

Sir Nikolai tests out the new Mokkimfrazzler, gifted by scientists to Calembourish Park on Saturday.

A new Mokkimfrazzler was installed at Calembourish Park on Saturday, bringing widespread joy to citizens. The Mokkimfrazzler is a revolutionary piece of technology designed by scientists to save Klah from bad jokes (or Mokkims as they are called in native Klah), which have become a huge problem in many parts of the country in recent years. Hospitals in Klah have become increasingly inundated with patients presenting cringe-related injuries and many social events have suffered as people opt to stay home not speaking to one another or wearing ear muffs.

The Mokkimfrazzler works by extracting the toxins that contribute to the urge to make a bad joke, while simultaneously using a series of high frequency vibrations to reintroduce good humour to the brain. Sir Nikolai was amongst the first to test it out on Saturday, which was particularly fitting as his famously awkward, pun-filled speech at the Snikkler Festival last year has not yet faded from public memory.

The Mokkimfrazzler therapy takes only 93 seconds per person, and is reportedly a rather pleasant experience, likened to being tickled on the hand with a feather duster while watching a comical skit. Queues on Saturday morning were rather long, with people bringing themselves or being accompanied by concerned & fed-up relatives, but by Saturday afternoon scores of people had been treated and there were genuine smiles of relief all round. Citizens could be seen tentatively striking up conversation with one another, realising it was finally safe to do so. 

The Klah Gazette interviewed Sir Nikolai after his treatment and we are pleased to announce he appears to be cured. “I feel fantastically invigorated,” he said, beaming his famous smile. “It’s like a whole new world has just opened up to me, a world free from the shackles of bad puns”.

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