Mystic Charles' Secret Empress Longsleeve


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✦  Mystic Charles had a secret. It wasn’t that he could teleport, everybody knew that, for that was how he delivered the royal mail. It wasn’t even the fact that it was really his splendid knitted hat that gave him this ability, not the crystal staff as everyone presumed (though this was really a secret too, as frequent attempts were made by naughty people to steal the staff). No, the secret I am referring to is that as well as being an excellent burglar decoy, the crystal staff doubled as a tap dancing prop when Mystic Charles was in the privacy of his bedroom. Although Mystic Charles had been practicing for years and was surprisingly agile, no one had ever seen him dance – for unfortunately even though he had travelled the world a thousand times, he remained frightfully shy, and never whispered his passion to a soul. “Tomorrow”, he thought to himself every day. “I will have the courage tomorrow”. In his heart he longed to tap dance for the King & Queen, in the meantime he delivered their mail. 

Handprinted longsleeve tee (140 GSM, 50% cotton, 50% modal) produced under ethical working conditions & printed in New Zealand using environmentally friendly, organic inks. Relaxed fit with drop hem at back, perfect for riding around on mystical wildebeest.

Comes with pearl story-card and the Klah certified seal of authenticity.

White with Black or Navy with Pink/White/Gold-Silver ball.

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