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The Cave of Rumours, Northern Klah
Photo: Nina van der Voorn
Beloved citizens, 
We bring you the fourth instalment of Kingdom of Klah Official Royal Garments from deep within the Cave of Rumours (pictured). Rumour has it that due to a strange mineral abnormality, everything made within the cave becomes magnificent, while another rumour suggests that the rumours are true. After creating the new winter range in the heart of the cave, we hope you will agree that the rumours appear to be well founded.
March 2014
Sir Cecil Slipperfoot, Ambassador of Klah
Marvels! Wonders! Danger! Fair trade! Original Designs! Official Clothing! Women's Tops! Men's T shirts!
Unique Sweatshirts! Longsleeve Tees! Magic! Gold! Illustrations! Presents! Delights! Free Shipping (NZ)!
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