The Man With The Head of A Bird Women's Baroness Tee


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The man with the head of a bird and the bird with the head of a man came into existence simultaneously in a large nest made of golden sticks. The nest was high at the top of a long dead tree, high at the top of a long extinct volcano. Beside them in the nest was a note on thin parchment which simply read HEAD TO THE SEA, SPEAK TO THE ONE WEARING TUSKS. This seemed like as good a plan as any, so they set off immediately towards the distant sound of the ocean and the promise of an unknown, tusked being.

100% cotton handprinted t-shirt with rolled sleeves (150 GSM), produced under ethical working conditions & printed in New Zealand using environmentally friendly, organic inks.

Comes with pearl story-card and the Klah certified seal of authenticity.

Available in:

White (Magic Colour ink)

Grey Marle (Magic Colour ink)

Black (White ink)

Navy (White ink)

Sizing guide in images.

This garment has been decreed an official Klah habiliment by the Kingdom of Klah. The Kingdom wishes you to know that each and every one of these pieces has been individually printed by the Kingdom’s master artist, and is therefore unique to its brothers and sisters.

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