Birthday Monster Women's Empress Longsleeve


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The Birthday Monster suffered from a great melancholy, for he constantly provided wondrous gifts for people of all ages around the world and never received any himself. He worked hard and diligently every single night with barely time to stop for a tea break. Nobody noticed him and they mistakenly thanked each other for the magnificent presents (how he envied Santa Claus, a celebrity amongst children). Did people even know what he looked like he wondered? Was there an image of him anywhere in the world?

Handprinted longsleeve tee (140 GSM) produced under ethical working conditions & printed in New Zealand using environmentally friendly, organic inks. Relaxed fit with drop hem at back, perfect for unicorn-riding.

Comes with the Birthday Monster story-card and the Klah certified seal of authenticity.

Available in Black, Navy and White.

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